Life Prediction

Life Prediction is an intensive level of consultation. where you will be in next 10 or 15 years. it will cover and discussion of each and every aspect of your life, whether it is your marriage, career, business, relationship, children, Education-if you are doing, financial status, health, your emotional state of mind, love life, Property, etc.
in this special Life prediction consultation, you will get master level of Prediction of your current and forthcoming Ruling planet's period ( Mahadasha Lord) effect on your life. and what positive or negative effects of your Sub-Period planets ( Antardasha lord) will give you, so you may prepare in advance and take appropriate actions. you will know detail interpretation of your planetary placement and by birth, if your horoscope has any inauspicious yogas -(Negative planetary placements ) which are responsible for all your obstacles and stress in life. The society we live, we believe in the philosophy of karmas. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. because of that karmic debts people are suffering by certain inauspicious yogas created by planets in there horoscopes like Pitr dosh, Angarak Dosha, Gand Mool dosha, Daridra Yoga, Grehan Dosha and much more and because of those inauspicious yogas/dosha their family, Personal and Professional life suffered. you will also aware of your strengths which are hidden under your sub-conscious state. it will unfold and gives you right path and direction so you may achieve success, prosperity and balanced life. 

For Life Prediction: Master Consultation Level. you can book your Appointment with World renowned celebrity Astrologer Satinder, who has years of Experience in Astrology and Numerology.  Astrologer Satinder will give you easy and effective remedies for how to make your life more Prosperous and Happy. He follows the Modern approach of Ancient Vedic Astrology and Pythagorean Numerology Principles.

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